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Homer is the father of the family. Its body is yellow and has almost no hair on his head. He likes to drink beer and eat donuts. Homer goes to the bar every day of Mhou to meet his friends.

Lisa is the girl of the family Simpson.. Lisa likes to study and play the trompet.She care of the environment.She has blond hair and sharp and her eyes is big and round.She always wearning a orange dress and orange shoes and a necklace of white balls.

March is the mother. She keeps house clean and make food. He has blue hair with volume, dressed in a green dress and shoes and a red collar.

Bart is the son. He is a little naughty and likes to go to skate. He wears a red shirt and pants and a blue sneakers. His skin color is yellow and has crest.

Maggie is the baby of the family. It's a little calm and is the mostspoiled. This body dressed in a blue, a lazito in the head and red pacifier is not sepa

This is the Simpsons


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